Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Glad storyline

So, according to the lodestone, I just finished my Glad storyline with the completion of the level 36 quest. To be honest, it left me a little disappointed that it is over. Granted, it did tie together everything from the previous missions, but using the power of the (which is explained during the level 20 main story quest) you find out some things about your opponents that will allow SE to put in more glad missions or tie the glad missions into the main story mission (which I think you will agree is the more likely when you see what it is). Honestly though that new story thread left me really disappointed knowing that this is the last class mission for a while because I really want to see how it ends.

From a gameplay perspective I was also very disappointed, I felt like the last story mission should have had you fight a lot of baddies and take a while to complete, it took me 10 minutes, 1 fight, and I never left the guild. I guess I just more expected something more like the epicness of unlocking new jobs in 11.

Please SE, you pride yourselves on story, it is why I got this game, and this one left a bad taste in my mouth, this one had a lot of steps, but a step should not be talk to this guy, get a short clip, talk to him again in an instance, get another short clip, and leave the instance and talk to him again. Please put in more glad and main story missions soon.

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