Saturday, October 23, 2010

Obligitory Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Darksend Mercenare and I am currently leveling a gladiator on the Wutai server. If you randomly find this blog and recognize the name, that is because I am also the author at I had hoped to start this earlier but so far every second I have been awake and not at the gym has been spent leveling.

What to expect:

Basically a bunch of random bullshit I see wanting answered on the various fansites.

On the Beating Path

THIS LEVE REALLY SUCKS SOLO as a level 38 glad. First of all, when you get to the quest area, it is down a ramp into a valley filled with yarzons and a few elementals that are camping the spawn point, which you cannot clear out because the timer starts when you get close to it and not activated. And second, the final spawn of 3 ahriman ... you pretty much die before you know they spawned.

Anyway hopefully for monday I will have finished this post I was working on to post on the core and zam forums for discussion.

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